Data Lab @ Texas State University is a collective of all data science research projects spanning visual, social, and health domain.

The Lab was founded in 2018 by Dr. Jelena Tešić, Assistant Professor at Computer Science Department.

Dr. Jelena Tešić
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Texas State University

Students & Alumni

Nicholas Warren
Research Assistant
David Bo Heyse
Research Assistant
Eric Hull
Research Assistant
Benjamin Bond
Research Assistant
Maria Tomasso
Ph. D. Student

How We Contribute

Our Software


Availability of training data in non-consumer visual domain determines how good the modeling pipeline is. In this project, we propose an interative computer vision algorithm (based on histogram inference) that in each iteration refines segmentation masks from existing annotation boxes in maritime domain.


A web wrapper for the Boxes2Masks application.


Aerial Image processing pipeline using Tensorflow implementation of MaskRCNN.


Deep Learning Framework is sensitive to noisy annotations. This tool extends VIA for COCO JSON compatibility, and allows for labeling on multiple levels of description; it allows Import, Export, and Edit Video Annotations in COCO JSON format.