Data Lab Projects

Data Lab @ Texas State University is a collective of all data science research projects spanning visual, social, and health domain.

The Lab was founded in 2018 by Dr. Jelena Tešić, Assistant Professor at Computer Science Department.

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Graph Network Science

Frustration Cloud Analysis

We expand the psychology of motivation and balance theory to analysis of social network graphs, propose frustration cloud, quantify vertex and edge with relation to the entire graph and apply the approach to social network graphs from online recommendation system, election data, surveys, and health clinical data.

Social Network Analysis at Scale

End-to-end data science pipeline for creation of diverse graphs from social network data, community discovery, topic analysis, and visualization at scale.

Fake News Classification

Fake News Classification using lexical analysis and social network analysis at scale, MediaEDval benchmark participation 2020.

Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Vehicle Activity Recognition

Robust, adaptable, intuitive implementation for automated early activity warning in maritime scenarios (piracy) or smart city setup. We expand computing with words paradigm to augment training data and identify threating activities where lack of training data prohibits the use of deep learning.

Maritime Object Localization and Identification

We expand the recent advances in deep learning to design and train algorithms to localize, identify, track, and re-identify small maritime objects under varying conditions.

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